Superhero and her Tragedy [Poetry]

Since I was a kid,

I believe in superheroes.

I wanted to be one.

Heck, I still want to.


But I turned out to be tragic;

That character who was saved by the hero’s shield from a falling debris;

That character who was carried by a demigod away from a hostile town;

That character who was trapped with the villain in the same room.

I became the one who needed the saving.

Then you came, did the superhero landing amidst my misery.


You did all the saving.

You did all the fixing.

But by the time I collected and put myself back together,

you then did the hurting.

You put me back again to that place

with a falling debris,

but the agonizing difference was

you didn’t offer to be my shield.


I’ve always wanted to be a superhero;

and most superheroes became what they are

due to their dark past.

Most of them have tragic, sad stories to tell.


Maybe I am a superhero.

I am a superhero and

you added yourself to

my collection of tragic stories,

and you’re the story that’s not worth telling.


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