I Am Your Art [Poem]

Your love to me

is an art


Every time you show you love me

You are giving my skin

a stinging sensation

Your lips writing songs on my face

Your soft fingers drawing

materpieces on my back

You touch me like

your hands are your delicate brushes

You kiss me

Leave a mark on my neck

Like it is your copyright

Like it is your watermark


So draw some more lines on me

Paint more beautiful sceneries onto my head

Write some more poems on my body

Because I am telling you honey


You are an artist and I am your canvass

You love me like

I am your Mona Lisa

You are a poet and I am your world-class poetry

and I love you like

you are my Leonardo


2 thoughts on “I Am Your Art [Poem]

  1. Fantastic blog, so I nominate you for the Leibster award! See the rules here….


    Rule no 4 says Prepare 11 questions for those you will nominate, so here goes!

    What is the name of your favourite perfume or cologne?
    Which sport do you do?
    Name three of your favourite books
    Are you spiritual or religious?
    Do you believe in life after death?
    Coffee or tea, CocaCola or Pepsi?
    Favourite actor/actress?
    What did you hope to grow up to be when you were five?
    Angels or Aliens?
    Athletic or Sedentary?
    Rainy or dry weather, summer or winter?

    Good Luck and keep up the good work!


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