Hidden Truth [Poem]

Every day I wear a scarf

I started to always wear long pants too

and heavy makeup

even on my arms


My friends at work keep asking

What’s with the scarf?

Why the sudden interest in makeups?

What happened to your skirts?

“Can’t a beautiful woman try new stuff

to make herself feel gorgeous?”

I always joke


But as I get home

As I remove all these

ridiculous new stuff I force

myself to put on

I see myself in front of

the mirror, weeping

Looking at what I’m

actually wearing


I remove this exquisite lavender scarf and I see

the bruises behind my strangled neck

I remove these long pants I always put on even on an extremely hot day and I see

the bruises on a battered, hurt leg

I remove this stupid makeup I’m not even comfortable wearing and I see

the bruises gotten from an assaultive hand


Looking at the mirror

I’m starting to think that

this is now my life

that this is now my truth

A truth that was enforced to me by a person

I once thought I loved

But it doesn’t have to be

It shouldn’t be my truth


Looking at the mirror, I said

“My makeup should cover my blemishes,

not any form of abuse.

I should wear something to feel good,

not to feel worse.”

I’m breaking the cycle.

I’m breaking the silence.




2 thoughts on “Hidden Truth [Poem]

  1. Whoa, now that is what I call poetry.

    Thank you so much for sharing that story with us.

    I hope that many women will read it and become empowered by it–by the message that there beauty is not to be determined by someone else.

    The Stormy Poet


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