Marry Me [Poem]

He asked me to marry him


I didn’t know what to say

No, what I mean is

I knew what to say

I just wasn’t sure if it was

the right time


He asked me to marry him last night

I froze. I panicked. My world stopped.

“Hey, I asked you a question,”

He was nervous. Understandably.

But my world stopped


We went to bed

I wasn’t still able to give an answer

I thought he was mad

He thought I was still surprised

But I was just thinking


Thinking of how much he loves me

“More than my heart can hold,” he said before

Thinking of how much I love him

“Numbers and words can’t describe it,” I told him


It’s already morning

I’m just staring at him

He’s waking up. “Hey.. morning.”




He’s squinting.

“Yes, I will marry you.”

His world stopped.




4 thoughts on “Marry Me [Poem]

  1. I was 25 when I met you

    You were young, barely going on 17

    You looked me square in the eye and said

    Marry me now you fool.

    Not so said I,

    You’re cool, but.

    Your age is way behind,

    And I indeed am betrothed to my lovely one:

    In my heart is no space for two.

    What manner of spell or magic she cast on you?

    What manner of food she feed you?

    Cannot you see me as I stand before you?

    In splendor from temple to toes?

    Marry her then…you said to me,

    I will stand wait in the aether and aeons for you:

    For onto the day you recognize truth,

    I will be waiting for you.


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