He’ll Never Come Back [Poem]

He’ll never come back to you


Despite the deep memories you shared together

Memories you wish are all gone

Despite all the roses he gave you

Roses as red as the blood your heart bleeds

Despite the good morning and good night nexts he didn’t forget to send you

Words full of broken promises

Despite the surreal anticipation that you’ll grow old holding each other hands

But where is he now?


He left you

as if the past years didn’t matter

He left you

like it was the easiest decision he made

He left you

in a fast single blink that you didn’t see it coming

He left you

even though he knew how much of you he has


He left you

You’re hurt

You’re broken

You’re filled with void

He took so much

You’re left with an empty, spiraling space


He’ll never come back to you

And you shouldn’t want him to




4 thoughts on “He’ll Never Come Back [Poem]

  1. This poem really encapsulates the sheer agony of having to swallow the most bitter of pills–the excruciating fact that the love is gone.

    But, once the fact is excepted, the healing can truly begin.

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful words of wisdom with us, however painful they may be.

    The Stormy Poet


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