One Minute [Love Poem]

I think we’re not

in love with each other anymore

Or at least I know

With me, you’re not


I thought maybe it’s better

if we stop

Perhaps it’s better I stop hoping that

you’ll come back


I don’t know if you love somebody else

I don’t know if you’re not interested in me anymore

What I know is you’ve fallen out of love with me

That I know


Then I left you a message

“Hey, this doesn’t need saying but

we’re growing apart

You’re pulling away

I don’t know

I don’t get you these days


Maybe it’s better we stop pretending

It’s been weeks

And you’re here

But you’re not here

I don’t know

Can we please talk?”


A few minutes later

You called

I thought to myself

“You didn’t call me

the past few weeks.

I didn’t know I needed

to be this upset

for you to call me back.”


I smiled

I was thinking you called to tell me

You still want me

That you still want us


“Hey, I’m sorry I didn’t contact you sooner

I got very busy with work stuff

Everything’s a little too much

Yeah, I thought maybe we should end this.

I’m so sorry.”

But I was wrong


I told you to just think about it

I wanted us to talk about it

To survive whatever it is that’s

trying to pulling us apart


I told you to think about it

For hours. For days. For weeks.

I don’t care how long it takes

“I thought maybe we should end this.”

But what you only needed is a minute



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